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A Personal Loan can be termed as finance conveniently available in times of need Personal Loans are advanced by Banks & financial institutions to salaried individuals solely based on the borrower’s ability to pay back the Loan from his monthly income.
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Personal Loan Overview
A Personal Loan can be termed as finance conveniently available in times of need Personal Loans are advanced by Banks & financial institutions to salaried individuals solely on the basis of the borrower’s ability to pay back the Loan from his monthly income.
Loans are provided to applicants with minimal documentation & speedy process for easy availability of funds. Expenses incurred via Personal Loan can be for higher studies, renovation of the residence/workplace, marriage of a loved one, high-end consumer products, vacations, medical emergencies, etc.
Worried about sudden expenditures? A "Personal Loan" is the answer to your immediate funding requirement.
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Minimum income credited to the Salary A/C 30k+
Age of applicant 23 years to 58 years
Vintage of employment Minimum of 12 months
Employment type Salaried/Professionals
Personal Loan amount disbursed ₹ 1lakhs to ₹ 40 lakhs
Rate of Interest @reducing balance 10.5% - 17%
Processing fees as per loan amount. nil to 2.5%
Tenure applicable from 12 month to 60 months
Example of The Major Charges For a Personal Loan
Loan Amount ₹1 Lakhs
Rate of Interest. 12%@ reducing balance
Flat per annum 6.49%
Processing fees 1% ₹2000/-
Tenure 24 months
EMI 4707.35
[Preclosure & other charges will be applied as per actuals]
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With The Representative APR of 11.25% of a Personal Loan For ₹ 2 Lakhs To Be Repaid Over 60 Months, The EMI Will Be ₹ 4373.46 Per Month For The Entire Tenure.

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Eligibility Criteria
Fees and Charges
Documents Required
A Personal Loan is an Unsecured loan Issued With Any Security or Guarantees To Salaried Individuals With The Following Prominent Features:
Who is Eligible to Apply for a Personal Loan?
All bona fide Citizens of India above the age of 23 years can apply for a Personal loan, the maximum age till which the loan can be repaid is 60 years (or as the applicable retirement age). Educational qualifications required are Graduation and above. The applicant should be gainfully employed earning a regular incometo apply for a personal loan.
What is the amount issued as a Personal Loan?
Loan amounts that can be appended as a Personal loan are from a minimum of ₹ 50k to a maximum of ₹ 30 lakhs depending on the income of the applicant the current obligations and the ability to repay the monthly instalment.
What is the tenure applied for a Personal Loan?
A personal loan can be repaid via a flexible tenure from 12 months to 60 months. A suitable tenure is decided by the Lender taking into account the loan amount granted and the income of the applicant.
What Can you use your Personal Loan for?
Apply Personal Loan for all kinds of personal reasons, major usages include the following:
Outstanding payment in credit cards has the highest rate of interest it is prudent to transfer the debt to a personal loan and save expenses.
An illness or emergency arrives without asking, having enough to meet expenses will help you through this period of stress, and a personal loan is readily available when you need it most.
To pay for your child's education, school fees, and ancillary charges make sure there are no stops to giving your child the best!
Get away from the mundane life apply for a personal loan for travel expenses or a family holiday.
A family celebration can exhaust your finances, having the dream wedding or festivity a Personal Loan is the way out to help you have the extra needed to make things go smoothly.
A Personal Loan can be used for renovating your home, buying the much-needed gadgets or simply refurbishing to redecorate and give it a new look.
What are the Methods To Apply For a Personal Loan?
An applicant can apply for a Personal Loan Online or submit hard copies of the documents required. The documentation must be complete for an Instant Personal Loan Online. Make sure all the copies forwarded are clear and legible for instant personal loan approval.
  • Do I Need to Give a Guarantee or Security To Secure a Personal Loan?
  • No security or guarantee is required to receive a Personal Loan.

  • What is The Time Taken To Get Funds via a Personal Loan?
  • The average processing time for a Personal loan is 4 working days.

  • Do I Need To Give Any Payment in Advance?
  • The average processing time for a Personal Loan is 4 working days.

  • Will I Need To Visit The Bank Personally To Apply For a Loan?
  • Your Loan Advisors give you the comfort of the Doorstep Delivery of your Personal Loan.

  • How Can I Receive an Instant Personal Loan?
  • Apply For Instant Personal Loan Online with complete documentation, and receive funds from the Bank within 48 hours.

  • How Will I Receive The Loan Amount Approved?
  • The Loan amount approved will be transferred to your salary account.

  • How Do I Repay The Monthly Installment?
  • The installement for your Personal Loan will automatically deducted through ECS.

  • How is The Rate of Interest Calculated?
  • The Rate of Interest for a Personal Loan is applied on a monthly reducing basis.

  • Will The Rate of Interest Change Anytime During The Tenure?
  • The Rate of Interest an installement remains fixed for the entire tenure of the Personal Loan.

  • On What Date Will The EMI Be Presented To My Account?
  • The Rate of Interest an installement remains fixed for the entire tenure of the Personal Loan.

  • How Can I Calculate The EMI For My Personal Loan?
  • The monthly installment payable can be calculated with the help of our Personal Loan EMI Ealculator Online.

  • Can I Prepay My Personal Loan Before The Completion of The Tenure?
  • Extra amounts can be paid towards the principal loan amount, per the Parent Bank terms. As per the norms, there can be a lock-in period and partial or complete payment of the loan before the completion of the tenure can be chargeable.

  • What is Personal Loan Insurance?
  • All Banks and NBFC’S offer an insurance cover for Lending. The terms include a cover for life, accidents, illness or inability to repay EMI due to loss of employment. The charges vary as per the Loan amount.

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