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  • What are the eligibility criteria for the ICICI Bank credit card?
  • The factors governing ICICI Credit card eligibility:

    • The applicant must be over 23 years of age.
    • The applicant's income should be ₹30k and above.
    • A job stability of 12 months or more is required.
    • ICICI Bank account holders with a salary of ₹25k are eligible to apply.
    • The CIBIL score should be 720 points and above.
    • Applicants with no credit history should be employed in a Listed company.
  • What are the uses of the ICICI credit card?
  • Axis Bank offers its esteemed customers the choice and freedom to conduct their Personal Loans at their convenience by repaying a part of the complete loan amount after 6 EMI, whenever surplus funds are available. No other loan provider offers this scheme.

  • What are the significant benefits of the Balance Transfer Personal Loan Axis Bank?
  • An ICICI Bank credit card can be swiped at merchant outlets for shopping, dining, hotel and Air ticket purchases, and utility bill payments. It can also be used in emergencies and to pay hospital bills. A credit card also has a cash withdrawal facility.

  • What does the billing cycle of a credit card mean?
  • A credit card's billing cycle is 30 days or a month: for example, the statement generated will display all expenses made on your credit card from, say, January 1st to the 30th of the month.

  • What is the credit-free period of a credit card?
  • The credit-free period of a credit card is the number of days a customer can use the credit facility for the limit the card issuer allows. ICICI Bank permits a credit-free period of up to 48 days. The customer is given a grace period of 18 days to pay as per the monthly statement.

  • What is the date by which your credit card bill must be paid?
  • The credit card statement reflects the due date on which the payment must be credited to the issuer's account. For example, the due date for a billing cycle of 1st to 30th January will be the 18th of February. It is advisable to make the payment within a few days, although with the digital payment facility, a customer can pay online to ensure immediate credit.

  • Is an option available if a customer cannot pay the due amount?
  • If an applicant cannot pay the total amount, paying 5% of the dues is mandatory. The balance can be carried forward until next month. Interest is charged on the unpaid amount as per ICICI Bank's policy.

  • What happens if I do not use my ICICI credit card?
  • A minimum charge for the card issue is applicable if the card issued is not used for three months.

  • How to apply ICICI Bank credit card?
  • With the digitalisation of banking and KYC processes, an ICICI Bank credit card application is now processed online.

  • Is the ICICI Bank credit card provided free of cost?
  • The ICICI Bank credit card is issued free of cost, provided the user fulfils the mandatory usage terms.

  • How much of a limit is granted for credit card usage?
  • The credit card limit is fixed according to the applicant's income and CIBIL Score.

  • What are the ICICI Bank credit card offers?
  • ICICI Bank offers a wide range of speciality credit cards to fulfil specific requirements. It has partnered with leading merchant outlets and offers cardholders special discounts, including cashback and discounts on fuel and travel bookings.

  • What is the ICICI Bank credit card interest rate charged on unpaid dues?
  • For the dues carried over to the next month, an interest of 3% is charged monthly.

  • What is the ICICI Bank platinum credit card eligibility?
  • The ICICI Bank Platinum card is a premier credit card offered to customers with an elite profile who earn a high income and have a good credit score and history.

    ICICI Bank customers holding a Fixed deposit of 50,000/—and above are eligible for an ICICI Bank platinum credit card.

  • Can I withdraw cash on behalf of my credit card?
  • The ICICI Bank credit cards have a cash withdrawal facility of 40% of the card limit. Therefore, if your card has a limit of ₹ 1lakhs, you can draw ₹40000/- cash from an ATM.

  • What is an Add-on Credit card?
  • ICICI Bank allows the primary cardholder to apply for an add-on card in the name of a blood relative. The primary cardholder is responsible for paying for all usage done on the additional card.

  • How many credit cards can an applicant hold?
  • An applicant can hold as many credit cards as can be successfully managed, although non-usage of a credit card will attract charges and closure of the facility.

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