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  • What is The HDFC Bank Company Category List For Personal Loans?
  • The HDFC Bank issues a List of Companies for the sourcing of Personal Loans and readily provides Personal Loans to applicants employed with such entities. The grading of Companies is according to their profile, turnover, and stability. HDFC Bank continuously refreshes and updates the Company List.

  • What are The Benefits of a Company Featured in The HDFC Personal Loan Company Category List?
  • Customers Employed with companies approved and listed with the Bank are offered Personal Loans on a priority basis with enhanced terms and conditions. The Employer plays a significant role in processing a Personal Loan the Bank evaluates the Employer's profile to confirm the validity and profitability of the organization.

  • What is The Definition of Listed and Non-Listed Companies?
  • A Listed Company registered on the stock exchange to trade stocks and bonds by the public, which can hold shares in the Company. A Non-Listed Company is privately owned by its owners.

    Non-Listed Companies follow guidelines as laid by the government listed companies follow the guidelines of SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India).

  • Which are The Companies Included in The Company Category List of HDFC Bank?
  • HDFC Bank has an exhaustive list of companies for funding Personal Loans. Companies featured in this list basis the performance and turnover.

    The Bank HDFC Company List For Personal Loan Includes:

    • The Economic Times Publishes The Top 500 Companies.
    • Companies listed on the stock exchange with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India).
    • Central Government and State Government Entities.
    • Public Sector Companies.
    • MCA Registered Private Limited Companies.
    • Private Ltd Companies Corporates and Institutes with a High Turnover.
    • Emerging Corporates with HDFC Account for the Firm and salary accounts of Employees.
  • Does HDFC Bank Fund Employees of Non-Listed Companies?
  • HDFC Bank Provides Personal Loans To Employees of Companies in The HDFC Company Category List.

  • Can an Applicant Request For an Addition of a company to the HDFC Bank Listed Companies for Personal Loan?
  • An Applicant working in a Non-Listed Company can submit a request to add an Employer to the Company List. A form with details of the Company Profile, such as the Turnover, Number of Employees, and Offices, is submitted for consideration. If the request is approved, the Company features the list of approved companies for sourcing Personal Loans.

  • Can a Company Get Delisted?
  • If the stocks of a Company fall below the required margin, the profile has become risky due to market conditions the sourcing from that Company is restricted. For example, the hospitality and travel industry faced losses during the COVID lockdown. As a result, airlines and Hotels could not pay salaries on time and laid off Employees due to the loss of business therefore, sourcing from these organizations was put on hold.

  • What is a Negative Company?
  • HDFC Bank declares a company negative or not approved for sourcing Personal Loans if there is a large percentage of default by employees not paying their Loan instalments or if the organization is involved in unlawful or nefarious activities.

  • Is The Company List Common To All Banks?
  • The Top companies and Major entities are familiar to the company list for most Leading Banks. However, the category may differ per the Banks process, giving preference to corporates with salary accounts in the Bank.

  • How To Check Listed Company For Loan?
  • A Customer should verify before Applying For a Personal Loan if the Employer features in the Listed companies in HDFC Bank for loan by checking on the HDFC Bank App, our Company list page, and contacting us at to solve all your queries.

  • What are The Implications of a Category in the List of Approved Companies?
  • The HDFC listed Companies for loan are categorized as Super A, A, B, C, and D.

    The terms, loan amount, and interest applied as per the company hierarchy for example, a customer employed with a Super A category organization is eligible for a loan amount of up to ₹ 40 Lakhs, whereas an applicant working with a Cat D company, will not be awarded the same amount.

    Category Salary Multiplier Salary Multiplier
    Super A 30k 18 months 50k 27 months
    Cat B 30k 18 months 50k 20 months
    Cat C 35k 18 months 50k 20 months
    Cat D 50k 7 months 75k 15 months
  • Are Proprietorship or Partnership Companies Included in The Company List?
  • HDFC Bank Does not fund Personal Loans to employees of Partnership and Proprietorship Companies.

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