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About Clix Capital /the Clix Story

Clix Capital Services Private Limited is an unlisted private company incorporated on 11 February, 1994.It was formerly known as GE Capital Services.
GE Capital is the financial services unit of General Electric the American multinational corporation, famous worldwide for its range of services & products. GE Capital Services India Limited provides non-banking financial services to corporate and consumer customers in India.

In April of the year 2015 GE declared its decision to sell of its financial business: the assets of GE capital to concentrate on GE’s core industrial businesses – GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), Energy Financial Services (EFS) and GE Industrial Finance. Since GE has been exiting its financial services business globally to refocus on its core industrial manufacturing activities.

GE Capital Services India Limited has been bought over by a Mauritius based entity Plutus Financials Put Ltd. Plutus is jointly owned by Pramod Bhasin & Anil Chawla top executives at former GE Capital and AION Capital Partners.

GE Capital Services India Limited is now known as Clix Capital Services Pvt. Ltd, a non-bank lender majority owned by private equity firm. The company has a total paid-up capital is INR 1,297.08 cr & has also secured loans in the amount of INR 1,050.00 cr.

Bhavesh Gupta a top executive at IDFC Bank at the helm as the Chief Executive Officer Clix Capital now looks forward to establishing a firm Identity in the financial sector.

Why Clix Capital for Business Loans

The survival & growth of small scale enterprises/industry are essential to a developing economy. The small scale industry that flourishes, offers employment & livelihood to multitudes from all strata of society.

Availability of Capital is essential for the smooth running of any business enterprise: the requirement for funds was traditionally fulfilled by borrowing from family/friend or a money lender who charged exorbitant amounts as interest. With the emergence of banks & NBFC‘s funding is now readily available for business expansion & growth.

Clix Capital is here to provide financial assistance to the SME, s /MSNE, s of our fast developing economy. Self Employed individuals, professionals & firms.

Business Loans from Clix Capital are easy to get & simply the fastest way to achieve funds.

Charges for a business loan from Clix Capital

Rate of Interest 18% @ monthly reducing balance
Processing fees 2%
Bounce charges ₹ 1000/-per presentation of cheque
Outsatnding Interest 3% (on any amount 30 days past due)
Foreclosure Charges
< 12 months 6% of principal outstanding amount
12 - 24 months 5% of principal outstanding amount
24 - 36 months 5% 4% of principal outstanding amount
> 48 months 3% of principal outstanding amount

Advantages of a Business Loan from Clix Capital

  • Unsecured loans without any collateral are offered to small & medium business men to fulfil their financial requirements. Loans may be applied towards;

    • The daily capital expenses required for running of the unit.
    • For funding of specific projects
    • Purchase of New machinery to upgrade the existing manufacturing.
    • To invest in an ancillary unit for your existing Business.
  • The Loan amount can be returned conveniently in flexible EMI’s as per the convenience of the applicant.

  • Unlike investments from private equity firms or entities, there is no need for profit sharing.

  • The rate of Interest is reasonable as compared to funding from local money lenders, charged @ monthly reducing Balance.

  • Business Loans forwarded with Clix capital are transparent without any hidden charges.

Clix Capital Business Loans Policy

Customer segments where the business profile is good & the business portfolio is positive are the preferred sourcing criteria for Clix Capital Business Loans.
To further classify segments eligible for unsecured funding are listed as per the chain of development which is

  • Manufacturer
  • Wholesaler/Trader/Retailer
  • Services


The manufacturing industry is the basis & inception for all products. It is this industry that requires Raw material & is labour intensive. Investments are required for machinery & capital for running expenses.Clix Capital provides unsecure funding for Manufacturing units of all industries with a turnover of ₹ 1 crore annually;

All manufacturers are eligible for business loans baring the industries which are in the negative category: which include manufacturing units for Metals, Jewellery, Commodity, and Builders & Contractors for Builders.


Turnover requirement is ₹ 1crore

Wholesalers buy large quantities of goods from distributors or vendors. They warehouse the products for shorter periods of time, for example three to six months, whereas a trader sells smaller quantities of goods. Traders may further sell to Retailers or directly to customers. Retailers sell goods directly to the customers.

Preferred enterprises under this category are Auto Ancillaries, Chemicals, Printing & Packaging, Consumer durables & a host of other leading industries. Companies prevalent in the negative list should not be sourced.


The growth in the services industry has been unprecedented. Increase in income, & up gradation Of lifestyle has led increase of spending. All professionally managed services are drawing increased profits. Professionals are now increasingly becoming self employed & running successful ventures.

Professional Services that are offered Loans for their business under this category IT/ITES, Hotels & Restaurants, Hospitals & Clinics, Education, Automobiles, Tours & Travels etc.

Negative are Gym owners, Health Club, Beauty Parlour, Security firms, Stock Brokers, Collection Agencies, Cable Operators, Politicians, Gambling business.

Eligibility Criteria for a Business Loan from Clix

The Applicant for a Business Loan should be an Adult; above the age of 21 years, maximum age till which a Business Loan can be paid back is 65 years as a co applicant, for the main applicant the minimum age is 25 years to be paid back by the age of 70 years.
The Business should be registered &have a minimum vintage of 3 years or more. A business which has been in existence for the mandatory period will be well established. It will have a sufficient track record to show the viability of the venture; how the business is being conducted .Most important is the underwriter of Clix Capital can assess how the funds will be used & the capacity of the Business to generate funds for payback of the Loan.
The CIBIL Score should be above 650 basis points or more. The CIBIL record is based on the capability of the individual to handle Credit, all credit transactions of the applicant are informed to the CIBIL by lending Banks & NBFC’s .The CIBIL then analysis the applicants behaviour with the credit taken: whether the EMI’s of Loan taken are being paid regularly by the due date, if there are any defaults or overdue. A healthy credit score gives the lender the confidence that the loan amount being appended will e paid back: most Banks & Lending institutions today only forward Loans after checking the track record of the applicant. For CIBIL scores less than 650 due to credit card defaults will be considered as an exception.
The Business Loan applicant should have a self owned property; it could be a residential property, factory premise or office. Ownership of a property portrays a stable profile, it could be in the name of the applicant/spouse, or a family owned residence where the applicant has been residing .If the property is family owned the family member who is the owner of the property will have to be a co applicant on the Loan.
Contact ability & verification issues are also sorted if there is a self owned property.
Clix Capital provides business loans without any security or co lateral: documentation plays a major role in processing of the Loan. Audited financials for the last two years need to be submitted with the application for a Loan. The turnover for the last financial year should be above ₹ 1crore to be eligible. There should not be a dip in the earnings or the turnover for the last two years to prove that the business is an on growing enterprise. Funding in the form of the Business Loans is to be used for expansion & growth & not for covering losses.
As per the policy the applicant should be residing or have an office or factory premise within 75 kilometres distance from an office of Clix Capital .Clix Capital would like maintain a close liaison with all its customers. Close proximity would ensure a strong & mutually beneficial relationship.

Business Loan Features

  • Loan amounts are provided as per Eligibility of the Applicant from a minimum amount of ₹ 10 Lakhs up to a maximum of ₹ 50 lakhs.
  • Tenure for the payback of the Loan amount is from 12 months up to 36 months: For self employed professionals it can extend up to 48 months.
  • Processing time for the loan is 72 hours after the submission of complete documentation.
  • Rate of interest offered is lowest as per industry norms 18% &2% processing fees charged @ monthly reducing balance.
  • Foreclosure of loan is allowed after payment of 12 EMI’S or before such period foreclosure charges would be applicable.

Special Criteria Of Business Loans From Clix Capital

dscr based funding or debt service coverage ratio

Normal Income Program

under this program customers eligible loan amount will be based on the financials of the customer i.e his earnings before interest tax and depriciation or ebitda. also following heads are to be considered in order to reach customers annual revenue. we will then deduct his taxes to reach his profit. we would require dscr>1 to get a go ahead for funding.

  • Profit Before Tax
  • Depreciation
  • Interest Expense Including Od/Cc
  • Non Cash Amortization Expenses
  • Salary To Partners/Directors On Loan
  • Interest To Partners/Directors On Loan

obligations/loan emi

industry margin

under this program, eligibility criteria would be based on simply multiplying customers turnover/sales by the provided industry margin % for that indusrty/trade/service etc. we would require dscr > 1.10

  • Particulars
  • Turnover
  • Industry Margin


Documents Required

Business Loans are processed as per the Profile of the Applicant /nature of Business Entity

  • Proprietorship

  • Partnership

  • Private Limited/Limited Company.

Application form signed with passport size photograph of all applicants.

Photo I.D. of All Individual Applicants

Copy of any one of following documents is Eligible as a Photo I.

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport

  • Driving Licence

For Non Individual business entities valid ID proof documents

  • Pan Card
  • Sales tax Certificate

  • Vat registration certificate

As an Address Proof for Individuals

  • Aadhaar Card

  • Passport

  • Driving Licence

  • Mobile or Land line bill

Income Documents

  • Income Tax Return for the last 2 years with audited Financials.

  • Income Tax Return with computation of Income for the last 1 year for all Partners/Directors coming on the Loan

Bank Statements

  • 6 Months Bank Statements for all Business operating accounts.

  • 6 Months Savings account Statements of Proprietors.

  • Statements of all loans taken to date

Business Continuity Proof for 3 Years Vintage


  • Partnership deed/MOA & AOA with certificate of incorporation

  • Shop & Establishment Certificate

  • Service Tax/Sales Tax/ Vat registration

  • Audit report with nature of business & I.T return
  • Previous 6 months Bank Statement


  • 3 years old Business, Professional or Practising documents

  • Registration Certificate

  • Audit report with nature of Business

As Ownership Proof

  • Utility Bills

  • Property Tax Receipts

  • Copy of Title Deed