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The YES Bank Personal Loan in Ghaziabad
The YES Bank is synonymous with efficiently and quickly fulfilling customers' financial requirements. Individuals in the Ghaziabad region can get funds for lifestyle needs, holiday expenses, wedding celebrations, or when required in a crisis or an emergency.

Representative Example of Personal Loan Charges from YES Bank

Loan Amount ₹ One lakh
Rate of Interest 11%@reducing balance
Flat Per Annum 6.06%
Processing Fees 1% ₹ 1000/-
Tenure 12 months
EMI 8838.17
[Pre-closure & other charges will be applied as per actuals]
What are the eligibility criteria for a Yes Bank Personal Loan in Ghaziabad?
The YES Bank issues a Personal Loan to applicants per the following guidelines to applicants who are citizens of India.
  • To all individuals above 23 years to a maximum of 60 years.
  • With an educational qualification of graduation and above.
  • Drawing a minimum salary of ₹25k net monthly.
  • With a salary transfer to the Bank account on a designated date.
  • Job continuity and 24 months of experience are required.
  • The minimum CIBIL score must be 730 points and above.
What are the primary features of the YES Bank Personal Loan Ghaziabad?
  • The YES Bank issues loan amounts starting from 50k to 30 lakhs to eligible customers
  • The repayment tenure applicable is 12 to 60 months, allotted according to the applicant's affordability to pay the EMI.
  • The YES bank sanctions personal loans to employees of listed and non-listed companies.
  • The interest rate applicable starts from 10.75% to 18% at a monthly reducing balance.
  • A personal loan application to YES Bank is processed within 72 hours. Upon approval, the amount is transferred to the account by ECS.
Benefits of YES Personal Loan in Ghaziabad.
  • A Personal Loan From YES Bank is issued without guarantees and can be used as required for any personal expenditure.
  • The YES Instant Personal Loan in Ghaziabad offers flexible repayment options with pre-closure and part payment facilities.
  • No advance payment is required, and the processing fees are deducted on disbursal from the loan amount.
  • Online banking services are provided with dedicated customer care to resolve queries.
  • The YES Bank offers enhanced loan amounts with discounts to high-income applicants.
  • An applicant can apply for a YES Personal Loan Online in Ghaziabad.
What is the Personal Loan Process From YES Bank?
The YES Bank processes Personal loan applications with transparency and speed. The following are the significant steps:
  • To Apply YES Personal Loan in Ghaziabad, an applicant must fill out an application form with personal and professional information.
  • The YES Bank will update your CIBIL score and exposure by initiating a CIBIL enquiry.
  • Verification is conducted at the applicant's office and residence address to confirm employment and residence.
  • The underwriter will tabulate the applicant's details to check if the eligibility criteria are met.
  • The applicant is informed of the approval or decline of the request. If approved, the applicant is informed about the applicable terms and conditions.
  • A legal agreement is initiated, and the loan amount is transferred to the applicant's account.
Personal Loan Types from YES Bank.
Apply for a YES Bank Personal Loan in Ghaziabad as:
  • YES Bank Personal loan in Ghaziabad.

    YES Bank issues personal loans to salaried customers employed with established organisations with a steady turnover. The YES Personal loan in Ghaziabad is issued without collateral to applicants with a CIBIL score of above 730 basis points.

  • YES Bank Personal Loan Top Up in Ghaziabad.

    The Benefits of the YES Bank personal loan Top-up in Ghaziabad are offered to customers after three months. With a known customer, the Bank transfers funds speedily, and with a Top-Up, the customer can pay a single EMI for the entire loan amount.

  • Personal Loan Balance Transfer to YES Bank

    External Bank customers in Ghaziabad can transfer their existing personal loans to YES Bank for a lowered interest rate and beneficial terms. The loan must have a vintage of above 12 months and an on-time repayment track record to be eligible for a transfer.

  • A parallel personal loan from YES Bank.

    Customers living in Ghaziabad with a personal loan from YES Bank can apply for an additional amount as a parallel loan. Both accounts will run simultaneously and can have varied terms.

What are the Personal Loan Charges from YES Bank?
Interest rate: Confirmed at approval time, calculated based on the income, loan amount approved and company category.
Processing fees: The file or processing fee is a one-time charge deducted from the loan amount transferred.
Pre-closure and part payment: The YES Bank allows an applicant to pay a part or foreclose the loan after paying 12 EMI. Charges are applicable on the principal balance of the loan.
Rate of Interest 10.75% to 22%
Processing Fees .75% to 1.5%
Insurance Charges 1% of the loan amount
Part Payment Charges 1% to 5%
Pre-closure Charge nil to 5%
What are the Documents required to process a YES Bank Personal Loan in Ghaziabad?
KYC Documents
Identity/Age proof: Passport/ Driving license/PAN Card/ Voter’s card/ School or college leaving certificate.
Address proof: Passport/ Driving License/ Telephone bill/ Rent Agreement/Electricity bill/ Pass Book and latest receipt of cooking gas refill.
Income Documents
Income proof: Salary Slips for the last three months.
Bank statement for the last three months with salary credits.
Continuity Proof: Form 16 for the last two years/ Appointment letter.
  • Why is it Beneficial To Apply For a YES Bank Instant Loan?
  • The YES Bank Instant Personal Loan is a quick and hassle-free personal loan with the lowest interest rate from 10.99% onwards.

  • Who Can Apply For a Personal Loan From YES bank?
  • YES Bank Personal Loan for salaried employees provides credit to individuals employed with registered organizations for more than five years. Unlike other lenders, there is no restricted company list or Yes Bank Personal Loan CIBIL Score Requirements. Eligible applicants can YES Bank Personal Loan Apply.

  • How To Apply For YES Bank Personal Loan?
  • An applicant can apply online or by submitting hard copies after the YES Bank Personal Loan eligibility check.

  • Will The CIBIL be Checked With a Personal Loan Application To YES Bank?
  • The YES Bank forwards an inquiry to CIBIL for applicants to check if the credit record is satisfactory and if there are any delinquencies or delays in the repayment of credit cards or loans.

  • What is The Time Taken to Process a Personal Loan from YES Bank?
  • The process from YES bank is speedy and efficient. Funds can be received within 48 hours of applying with the documentation required. Apply Instant YES Bank Personal Loan.

  • What is the Personal Loan Amount that can be sanctioned to an applicant?
  • The loan amount that can be sanctioned to an applicant is calculated based on the income, the current obligations with provisions for monthly expenses and rent.

  • Can a Customer Choose The Tenure For The Personal Loan Approved?
  • The Bank fixes the tenure for a personal loan as per the customer's ability to pay the EMI. Applicants can request the desired tenure if it meets the lender's policy.

  • Can a Customer Apply for a Yes Bank Personal Loan Online?
  • The YES Bank digitally processes applications for Personal Loans. Applicants can Apply For YES Bank Online Personal Loan with authenticated copies of the documents required.

  • Is it Necessary To Have a Bank Account to Apply For a Personal Loan From YES Bank?
  • It is not mandatory to have an account with YES Bank to receive a personal loan. However, it is necessary to have a salary account with a registered bank to which the salary is transferred directly.

  • What is The Repayment Mode For a Personal Loan From YES Bank?
  • The monthly EMI for repayment of a personal loan to YES Bank is deducted automatically through ECS. (Electronic clearing systems). The date for the EMI to be presented remains fixed for the entire tenure.

  • What is The Method of Calculation of the EMI to be Paid for a Personal Loan?
  • The EMI for Repayment is Calculated Taking into Account The Following:

    • The loan amount approved.
    • The tenure applicable.
    • The Interest rate.

    The monthly EMI can be calculated with the help of the YES Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator available on our site.

  • In Which Locations Does The YES Bank Issue Personal Loans?
  • The YES Bank forwards Personal Loans in all major metro cities and surrounding areas major locations include YES Bank Personal Loans in Ghaziabad. To Apply YES Bank Personal Loan Online in Ghaziabad you can send documentation digitally.

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