December 12, 2022

Borrowing money from the bank can help one navigate financial exigencies. Personal Loans are excellent for managing lifestyle needs or unforeseen expenses. However, financial commitments are unpredictable and borrowers sometimes need more money than their original loan amount. Here is where a loan top-up comes to their rescue. For example, if you have an existing Personal Loan, you can apply for the Personal Loan Top-Up facility! This option will allow you to borrow additional money if you clear the eligibility requirements. A top-up loan is a convenient way to draw more funds without extra hassles or complexities. Let’s break down the concept of top-up loans and their benefits!

Top-up Loans: What Are They?

Top banks in India offer convenient credit options for their valuable customers. A top-up loan is an excellent option to help borrowers extend an existing loan. You can apply for an additional loan amount while repaying the original sum. This top-up is a quick solution to your incremental financial requirements. Once approved, the bank disburses a top-up loan within a short span. The approval process requires minimal documentation as the bank already has the borrower’s details.

Personal Loan users often avail of this facility to extend the availability of funds. For example, if one has taken a personal loan from the Bank, they can get a top-up loan on their personal loan. This option will allow them to access additional funds without going through the procedural complexities of a new loan.

Benefits of Getting a Top-up Loan

Many people get daunted by the idea of borrowing more money. But worry not! Managing your credit the right way can yield many advantages. Let’s glance through the benefits of a top-up loan!

Minimal Documentation: Most banks ensure simplified documentation for borrowers who apply for top-up loans. For example, Top-up Personal Loan applications require very few documents to initiate the approval process.

Quick Disbursal: Top-up loans are excellent solutions for meeting urgent financial needs. Banks already have relevant documents related to the borrower’s creditworthiness and income. As a result, top-up loan approvals become quicker. You can get the approved amount in your loan account within a few days.

Favourable Loan Terms: If you are a creditworthy borrower who pays existing instalments on time, your lender may offer attractive terms for your top loan. You can get personal loan top-ups without putting up any collateral. Moreover, you may request the bank for a tenure extension within the usual five-year limit. Interest rates and tenure extensions are subject to the lender’s discretion. However, expert loan advisors can guide you to get the most attractive terms when you apply for a top-up loan.

Better Credit Score: Taking a top-up loan can contribute positively to your credit history if you make the repayments on time. This aspect can improve your credit scores for getting attractive terms on your future loans.

Now that you know about this exciting facility, you can contact Your Loan Advisors to learn more! Their experts can help you get top-up funds from leading banks. So if you need a top-up loan on your Personal Loan, reach out to Your Loan Advisors today!

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