Solution To a Credit Card Debt Trap
September 7, 2018

On our Journey of marketing Financial Products, we have always tried our utmost to make customer services & need fulfillment our hallmark.

En route we have had the privilege of helping clients who had been facing undue pressures due to financial issues. With our experience & knowledge of all aspects of the Loan industry, we are poised to help our valued customers restore their peace of mind by helping them out of the debt trap.

This has only been possible with the support, confidence & patience that our customers have invested in us.
We are sharing from our records the details of individual experiences for the benefit of persons who could be facing similar issues: please know that there is help at hand.

Getting out of a Credit Card debt/ solving your credit Card over dues.

Profile of The Applicant

Name – Mahima Khanna (changed for privacy purposes)

Age – 30 years.

Net Salary – 40 k.

Personal Profile – Married with a 2 years old child.

Currently Employed with a Limited Company

Details of the financial predicament being faced

Mahima a married individual earning a respectable income, should not have been under any pressure. With her husband also drawing a handsome salary, meeting the monthly budget & indulging in lifestyle expenses should have been easy;

Problem being that Mahima had unknowingly garnered a Credit Card debt of 2.20 lakhs.

It all started with a few shopping sprees which went unaccounted. Thus the interest started building up & with a host of unavoidable expenses piling up before she knew the bills of her credit cards had become unmanageable.

For fear of facing flak from her husband she did not reveal to him the extent of her debts. She tried applying for Personal Loan but her application not being presented & directed in the right manner, she faced a rejection & kept applying to various Banks with the same result.

Her CIBIL Score had also taken a hit because of the numerous enquiries being made to CIBIL from various Banks. The positive in her favour was that she had been paying the minimum balance due on her Credit Card bills without a default: as a result after paying her credit card dues she could barely manage her monthly expenses.

The Solution Mahima was referred to us by a colleague working in her office whom we had successfully helped in procuring a Personal Loan.

We helped her out of her Credit Card debt by taking the following steps;

  • We asked her to pay an extra amount besides her minimum due towards her Credit Card bills to an extent which she could manage easily & not to apply indiscriminately for a personal loan.
  • After the month was over she was asked to apply for a personal loan of only 50k to an NBFC.
  • The loan was approved & although the rate of Interest was 21% @ reducing balance we advised her to take it as it was better than paying 36% per annum which is the interest rate applicable for credit card dues.
  • This amount went directly towards her credit card dues.
  • Mahima continued to pay her installment on time & after 2 months we asked her to apply for a top up of ₹ 1 lakh, her request was granted & this amount was also paid towards the credit card dues.
  • By now she was a bit relieved of her burden & with a stroke of luck she got a job with a top listed company .Her salary also increased considerably.
  • Thus we helped her procure a Personal Loan covering the balance of her Credit card dues & asked her to take a balance transfer of her personal loan from the NBFC after 6 months.
  • The rate of interest applicable to her loan amount was 12.5% @ reducing balance.
  • Her monthly burden was literally reduced to a fourth of what she had been paying.

Thus with planning, patience & Mahima’s confidence in our abilities & experience she was free from her debt burden.

Our endeavour Yourloanadvisors has always been to help our customers achieve their financial goals with the best terms & conditions available.

Our goal is Customer satisfaction & winning a Customer for always.

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