November 15, 2022

Banks advance Personal Loans to salaried individuals to manage urgent financial needs. You can (get) personal loans to fund your lifestyle practices or pay for (Immediate) expenses like medical emergencies. Sometimes, the loan amount is inadequate to cover all the financial needs you might have. A Personal Loan Top-Up can help you manage your expenses and navigate your money matters in such situations!

Let’s break down everything you must know about this financial facility for individual borrowers.

What Does a Personal Loan Top-Up Mean?

India’s leading banks allow clients to borrow more money from an ongoing Personal Loan account. They can get additional financing while repaying the original sum. These loans work just like your initial personal loan. Banks allow users to enjoy similar benefits. For example, HDFC Bank’s Top-up Personal Loan facility enables borrowers to access funds without providing any collateral. At the same time, the HDFC Personal Loan Top-up also allows users to get money without any end-use restrictions.

Characteristics of a Personal Loan Top Up

Let’s Explore its Salient Features:

Unsecured Debt: These top-up options ensure collateral-free access to additional funds, just like the original personal loan.

Tenure Extension: When a borrower applies for the personal loan top-up facility, the bank may extend the loan tenure. If you apply for a top-up from the bank, Your Loan Advisors can guide you to seek a loan extension. However, the extended loan tenure must remain within the five-year limit for repaying the regular personal loan.

Attractive Interest Rates: Sometimes, lenders offer lower interest rates on personal loan top-ups. Borrowers who pay their original personal loan EMIs within stipulated timelines sometimes receive attractive interest rates. This factor helps to reduce the overall cost associated with your loan.

Boosts Your Credit Score: Borrowers who take top-up loans and repay them on time can improve their credit scores. When this happens, the borrower’s creditworthiness improves to get better terms on future loans.

Procedure and Documents You Need to Apply for Personal Loan Top Up It is easy to apply for personal loan top-ups with India’s top banks like. For example, the Personal Loan top-up procedure is quick and easy to manage. Lenders typically ask the borrower to submit the following documents.

● Identification documents.
● Income proofs.
● Original documents submitted during the initial application.

However, some lenders do not ask for additional documents and re-verify the original proofs submitted during the initial process.

Offline applications for personal loan top-ups happen at bank branches of a borrower’s existing lender. However, you can also apply for it via the lender’s website. For example, for an personal loan top-up, the online application process is simple and quick. fill up a form on the bank’s website and submit the relevant documents. The lender will assess the application and determine the revised interest rate before disbursing your loan amount.

If you want to know more about the application process, contact the experts at Your Loan Advisors. They will guide you through the steps and help you get the best financing solutions!

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