How to Get A Personal Loan Without CIBIL Score
September 29, 2022

Since its inception in 2000, the CIBIL Score has become a crucial part of the economic backbone. Lenders assess an applicant’s CIBIL Score when they get a Personal Loan application. Even when a borrower applies for a Personal Loan without providing wage evidence or a pay stub, a high CIBIL Score serves to satisfy the eligibility requirements. The CIBIL Score is very significant for anyone searching for financial aid.

When applying for a personal or unsecured loan, the CIBIL Score determines a person’s creditworthiness. Getting an Instant Personal Loan without the CIBIL Score is achievable nevertheless, as more and more financial institutions introduce new programs and deals to increase people’s access to financial services.

A Brief Overview of the CIBIL Score?

A CIBIL check assesses an applicant’s eligibility for any loan without collateral (A cibil is checked for all loans with or without collateral). The Credit Score, also known as the CIBIL Score, is a three-digit numerical summary of a person’s or a company’s creditworthiness. The Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited manages this rating, which is used to determine whether a borrower will be able to repay the loan in full and on time. The CIBIL Score is comprised of four factors.

• Payment History- 30%
• Credit Exposure- 25%
• Credit Type and Duration- 25%
• Other Factors- 20%

When calculating this score, CIBIL receives credit information from all banks and financial organizations. A borrower who applies for a Personal Loan without providing income documentation, such as a pay stub, may still be approved based on their CIBIL Score (this statement is false). However the question is, is anyone eligible for funding if they have a low CIBIL Score for a Personal Loan?

What Does it Mean to Have a Low CIBIL Score?

Any CIBIL Score below 750 is typically regarded as having a low CIBIL Score ranging from 300 to 900. Personal Loans carry a higher risk for the lender because they are unsecured loans without a need for collateral. However, a high credit score demonstrates a history of on-time payments and attests to a person’s creditworthiness. This does not imply that obtaining a long- or short-term loan is impossible without the CIBIL Score.

Even if you lack a credit history, income documentation, or both, you can still apply for a loan even with a low CIBIL Score. Here are some choices to think about.

• Prove that your income is enough for loan repayment
• Ask the concerned lender to mark NH or NA in your credit report
• Ask for a smaller loan amount
• If possible, apply with a co-applicant
• Rectify the mistakes in your credit score
• Get collateral-based loans


The CIBIL Score fluctuates based on an individual’s most recent credit report and debt repayment. This implies that you can focus on raising your credit score before submitting a loan application. A credit score increase of several hundred points can be seen after just six months of the on-time bill and EMI payments. Other factors that can raise your CIBIL Score include having a variety of loans in your name having a low credit card utilization rate, retaining old credit accounts, etc. Once your scores rise, you can apply for a Personal Loan based solely on your score without providing a pay stub.

Are you still wondering about the Minimum CIBIL Score for Personal Loans? Or do you need more information on getting a Personal Loan without any effective CIBIL Score? Get in touch with the experts at Your Loan Advisor now!

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