How To Financially Plan Your Festive Season?
October 10, 2019

The Change of season & the last quarter of the year herald the coming of the much awaited festive season. This is an auspicious time which is marked all over the country with much fervour & gaiety.

As per the specific state or region it is celebrated as Navratri, Durga Pooja, Dussehra, Diwali or Chaat Pooja the essence being the same, the victory of good over evil & light over darkness. When families get together & conduct ceremonies as per the age old traditions: pray for prosperity well being & extend their gratitude& thanksgiving to the Gods above.

It is a holiday time, to forget worries & stress of work enjoy this time with your loved ones, exchange gifts, distribute sweets, and invite friends & relatives over for get-togethers.

Salaried individuals look forward to receiving the annual bonus as per the Hindu calendar Business houses mark this time as the beginning of the New Year & pray to Lakshmi the goddess of wealth for prosperous times ahead.

The yearlong aspirations are fulfilled at this time whether it is buying a new car, moving into a new home or renovating the existing one or beginning of a new venture.

Planning for finance is the backbone of any celebration. If the savings have not been consistent or a constraint on the budget is causing stress: credit lines are available to help you avail finances so that your dream celebrations are not hindered.

Credit cards are handy for spending when one falls short of cash when shopping or paying bills. A credit card is a good step in for an emergency requirement.

It is practical to pay for your purchases & bills via a credit card if there is enough balance in the Bank account to repay the amount on receipt of the statement month on month, but if credit card bills are not paid timely the interest charged is steep.

Buying a new car or purchasing electronics & household equipment can also be paid back by easy installement via an Auto Loan or mortgage.

Rather than build up various credit lines the most convenient option is to Apply For a Personal Loan with a Personal loan one can easily plan all expenditures under a single repayment option. The rate of interest for a personal loan is most reasonable & it is easy to process.

So let there not be a hitch in your plans because of financial constraints plan your budget ahead & make sure you have enough resources to make this time special for you & your family.

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