March 19, 2023

Banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) provide unsecured loans to individuals for personal use. These collateral-free loans are called Personal Loans. The lenders evaluate an applicant’s income, creditworthiness, and repayment capacity before approving an unsecured loan.

The borrowers can use personal loans for medical expenses, home renovations, and weddings. Most leading banks like Axis, HDFC, ICICI, Kotak, and YES Bank refer to pre-approved company lists that help them process Loan applications.

Employees of Companies Listed for Personal Loans get attractive interest rates and better loan terms. Let’s break down how to check the company-wise eligibility for Personal Loans.

What are Company Lists for Personal Loans?

Various banks have created Company Category Lists For Personal Loans. Employees of these approved companies can apply for personal loans under elite schemes with attractive terms. For example, suppose you want to apply for a Personal Loan From HDFC Bank. In that case, your company should feature in the HDFC Bank Company List For Personal Loans.

Banks create lists of reputable companies because it helps them screen applicants based on their quality of employment, job stability, and income level. All these factors contribute to their capacity to repay Personal Loans on time. In addition, approving loan applications from employees of approved companies can help banks reduce their risks while disbursing loans.

 How Do I Check Company-Wise Eligibility for Personal Loans?

You can find online lists of the companies approved by various banks. For example, visiting this link can check HDFC Bank Listed Company List For Personal Loans. Top companies like Accenture, Amazon, Deloitte, KPMG, and Siemens are on this list. In addition, HDFC has an extensive list of companies whose employees get attractive interest rates while applying for loans.

Other banks like Axis, HDFC, ICICI, Kotak, YES Bank, and reputed NBFCs also provide special Personal Loan schemes for employees of top companies.

What Types of Personal Loans Can You Get Based on Company-Wise Lists?

Banks and NBFCs provide different loan schemes based on their company category lists. They offer the following facilities after considering the eligibility status of an applicant.

New personal loans.

Personal loan top-ups.

Transfer of an existing personal loan from a different bank.

Do Banks Only Provide Personal Loans to Employees of Listed Companies?

Approved company employees find it easier to get personal loans at favorable rates. However, Banks and NBFCs have a provision for processing Personal Loans for employees of nonlisted companies: the policy for such is stringent, and the terms for the loan can differ.

The applicant must also fulfill the eligibility criteria of the lender; significant points include

The net salary of the applicant must be above the required benchmark. Applicants drawing a monthly income of 50k and above are preferred.

The present employer must be a limited or a private ltd; Banks will not entertain employees of partnership and proprietorship companies.

The CIBIL Score of the applicant should be 720 points and above.

Special schemes launched for high-income Applicants with a salary of 1 lakh or more include the HDFC Golden Edge Personal Loan. In addition, eligible applicants are offered enhanced loan amounts with special terms.

How Does The Company Category List Work?

The Top 500 Economic times listed companies feature in the company list of all Financers, other companies included are the following:

Major Corporations with a high turnover and good prospects.

Companies whose shares have shown steady growth.

Establishments have business accounts and salary accounts with the Bank.

Government concerns and PSU, s.

Established and secured concerns engaged in production and manufacturing.

Banks and NBFC research employers with increasing profits and promising growth who can pay their employees on schedule. Which minimizes the risk of the EMI bounce due to the salary not being credited on time.

Lenders update their Company category list regularly, delisting Companies engaged in businesses that are risky or have become non-performing—for example, hospitality companies during COVID due to loss of business.

Companies being as per their performance into tiers employees of upper-tier companies are preferred customers and are granted loans easily with lower interest rates than the lower level.

It is prudent to check the company category of your employer before Applying for a Personal Loan. By contacting us at, our experienced advisors can advise and guide you according to your profile and employer to apply to the lender who will best fulfill your loan requirements.

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