Are Personal Loans Bad For Credit?
December 30, 2022

Personal Loans can be a relief when we urgently need funds, whether for any individual requirement or an emergency. A prominent feature of Personal Loans is that they do not require collateral or security, which is beneficial for the borrower but a high-risk product for the lender.

They can be availed in locations all over India as per the areas serviced by lenders. In all the major metro cities, i.e., Mumbai, New Delhi, the NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune, to name a few.

However, like all other loans, it is equally vital in the case of Personal Loans as well to make the repayments on time, failing which can lead to extra charges being imposed over and above the interest charged. This can also lead to a poor credit record, making banks hesitant to offer furtherance or a higher interest cost.

Evaluating the impact that Personal Loans have on our finances and credit rating, we observe that Personal Loans could instead positively help our credit scores with the loan obligations, including the principal and interest payments, being made on time. Below are some of the positive ways in which Personal Loans can boost our credit scores:

• Improvement in Credit Score With Timely Payments

When all the repayments of an unsecure loan are made on time, the credit score increases. This can be achieved if one regularly keeps up with the bill payments by keeping a set budget, using an automatic bank payments feature, or setting reminders.

• Lowering The Credit Utilization Ratio

The credit utilization ratio defines how much of the available credit limit is used. Our credit utilization ratio will remain low by maintaining a conservative usage of the available credit and making regular and timely payments.Use over the available limit or pending due scan increase the ratio, reducing the chances of getting credit when required.

• Diversifying The Credit Mix

A diverse mix of secured credit and unsecured in the form of a mortgage or an auto loan and credit cards or personal will help to build a healthyscore. A diverse mix of long-tenure and unsecure credit repayment tracks will ensure that the credit score is above the required benchmark.

• Regular Data Entry in The Credit Report

Regular credit usage does much to keep the CIBIL account active. The score will stagnate or dip if average data is not received and updated. Lenders are keen to know that applicant has been currently using credit and making timely payments. This will ensure a good credit rating and easy receipt of further loans.

Major credit Bureaus authorized to collect data from the Banks are the following:

• GRIF High Mark
• Equifax
• Experian

The agencies’ essential functions and operating methods are similar, although the scoring techniques may differ. Data of all credit transactions are updated regularly and assimilated.

A good repayment record can boost a credit score as Personal Loans are unsecured. In contrast, defaults or delayed payments can reflect immediately in the scoring. Therefore, much depends on the individual user whether a Personal Loan will help build a credit score or drag it down.

Personal Loans can now be availed from the comfort of your home – thanks to websites like Your Loan Advisors, which can assist you in helping credit at competitive interest rates and in record time.

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