Personal Loan Privileges For High Salary Candidates
March 12, 2024

HDFC Golden Edge Personal Loan

The economy has taken a turn with corporate culture and investment growth. Increasing turnovers and profits allow the management and staff to be compensated well, and the salary benchmark has increased. Fresh graduates from prestigious institutes are offered generous remunerations as a start.

Leading Banks and financers have designed a unique Personal Loan product to cater to this segment’s financial requirements, such as the Golden Edge Loan from HDFC Bank and the Elite personal loan from ICICI Bank.

Banks are eager to lend to high-income profile customers working for Top listed companies who have a secure future and provide lucrative business opportunities. These candidates can afford to pay higher EMI for enhanced loan amounts and are offered Personal Loans with the best terms.

Who is Eligible To Apply for the Elite/Golden Edge Personal loan?

Banks offer this premium product to customers with a monthly salary of ₹ 75k and above. The applicant’s employer must feature in the HDFC Bank Company Category List, and the customer must fulfil the essential eligibility criteria the Bank requires.

Credit usage with a regular payment record, which ensures an optimum credit score, is a primary eligibility criterion for Applying for a Golden Edge Personal Loan. A customer doesn’t need an account with the concerned Bank to apply for the Elite or Golden Edge Personal Loan.

What are the Benefits of a Personal loan for the High-salaried?

With a Golden Edge Personal Loan from HDFC Bank, an applicant can get an unsecured loan of ₹10 to ₹ 40 lakhs without giving any security. The Bank transfers the amount one-time, which can be used at the customer’s discretion.

With the freedom to use the funds as desired, an applicant has the funds at hand for vacations, renovating and upgrading the residence premises, or purchasing the latest electrical gadgets.

The interest rate offered is the best in the industry for elite applicants for an extended tenure of 84 months. With an adjustable repayment tenure, the applicant can choose an EMI that is payable conveniently. An extended term is the answer if the customer uses other credit presently and can pay lower instalments.

The interest rate is applied to the monthly reduced balance of the principal loan amount, which compares to the interest rate of any secure loan or mortgage.

The applicant can repay the HDFC Golden Edge Personal Loan after paying 12 instalments without penalty or foreclosure charges. A part payment of 25% of the loan amount is also permitted twice in the tenure, free of charge.

The HDFC Golden Edge Personal Loan is processed within 72 hours therefore, it is the answer when funds are needed for a medical requirement or in an emergency. The numerous advantages of Golden Edge products make it the most attractive proposal for acquiring funds for personal needs.

What are the Processing Privileges for the Golden Edge Personal Loan?

Banks have created a seamless processing system for the high-income category of personal loans. A unique application form is filled out for the HDFC Golden Edge Personal Loan, and the request is processed with minimum documents. The application is processed on a priority basis

A dedicated relationship manager will visit the applicant to verify the applicant’s details and understand the loan requirements. The HDFC Golden Edge Personal Loan can also be processed and disbursed online at the customer’s convenience.

A customer with a high salary package can pay a higher ratio of the salary as an instalment. The Bank is, therefore, liable to sanction the loan amount applied for by the customer.

The Bank will go the extra mile to get business from high-salaried or Elite applicants as they provide high value and large volumes. Therefore, with the vast bouquet of advantages and facilities offered to an Elite customer, the HDFC Golden Edge Personal Loan is the best choice to fulfil personal needs.

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