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Why pay a higher rate of Interest for your Personal Loan?

Avail the option of reducing your Personal loan EMI through the Balance Transfer process with HDFC Bank. Under this special scheme the reduced rate of interest offered may not be available if you apply for a fresh loan.

With HDFC Bank the Balance transfer of your personal loan is a simple process by which your existing personal loan with an external financer is taken over by the HDFC Bank.

So get a chance of lowering your existing EMI & also taking an additional amount at the same lowered rate. Also rework your current EMI & tenure to suit your convenience.

Besides increasing your monthly saving, this will also help to increase your Eligibility if you need to apply for a Home Loan or additional finances.

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HDFC Bank is definitely the right choice for the Balance transfer of your Personal Loan.

Transfer your existing Personal Loan to Hdfc Bank & avail the comfort of:

1. A considerably lower Rate of Interest f rom 11.69% onwards.
2. Reduced monthly Installements giving a relief to your expenses.
3. Minimal processing fees of 1000/- only.

4. Need Additional funds ,take a top up at the same reduced rate.
5. Club your multiple personal loans &I enjoy the ease of a single monthly Installements.
6. Build a relationship with Hdfc Bank the most secure & trustworthy Bank today!

Guidelines for the ‘Balance Transfer’ of a Personal Loan to HDFC Bank.

Your decision to apply for a Balance Transfer of your Personal Loan to HDFC Bank will enable tremendous savings with a rate of 11.69% onwards @ reducing balance.

The Balance transfer of your personal loan to HDFC Bank is a simple process. The procedure is outlined herewith:

Procure track of Existing personal Loan with the External Bank giving details of;

*Loan schedule & details of Personal Loan disbursed by the External Bank.

*Balance outstanding amount of the Principal due towards the existing personal Loan.

*Number of EMI‘s paid successfully towards the existing loan.

Apply to HDFC Bank for a Personal Loan Balance transfer for the Principal Loan amount due, charges for pre closure if any can also be included in the loan amount.

If surplus funds are required this amount can also be applied for as a Top up.

 Submit Personal Loan/Balance transfer Application to HDFC Bank with following documents;

Income Documents

  • Salary Slip for the Last 3 months.
  • Bank Statement from Salary account for the last 3 months showing 3 salary credits.
  • Form 16 for the last financial year.
  • Pan card copy.

Documents from External Bank

  • Track /loan schedule of Existing Personal Loan.
  • Application for Balance Transfer.

Approval Process

The verification & approval process takes up to 3 working days after the submission of documents.

Post approval, the Loan amount is sanctioned by the Bank as per eligibility & Loan requirement of the Applicant.

For the Disbursement of the Loan approved.

  • A Bankers Cheque for the Principal Loan amount & pre closure charges due is made in the name of the External Bank.
  • An agreement is signed by the Applicant with HDFC Bank giving details of the Loan amount, tenure, processing fees & other terms & conditions.
  • Security cheques from the salary account of the applicant are submitted with the agreement to facilitate the disbursal.
  • An application for pre closure of the existing loan with the Cheque for the loan amount due is to be deposited in the external Bank & receipt obtained.
  • If additional top amount is approved, the Loan amount will be transferred directly to the salary account of the Applicant after closure of external loan.
  • A consolidated Emi for the balance transfer & the additional loan amount will then be presented month after month to your salary account.


BELOW 35,000/- 50,000 ABOVE 11.70% 1499/- 12 months to 60 months
ABOVE 35,000/- 50,000 ABOVE 11.29% 1499/- 12 months to 60 months
* Applicable to salaried personal only.
* Rates are liable to change as per HDFC Bank policy.

Terms & Conditions for the Balance Transfer of a Personal Loan

  • Personal Loan for Balance transfer should have a Principal amount Balance of minimum 50,000/-
  • Applicant should have the financial eligibility for the Balance transfer.
  • A minimum of 3 emi’s of the existing loan should have been paid.
  • There should be no bounces in the repayment track of the existing Loan.
  • An applicant can transfer more than one personal loan or a personal loan from more than one Bank.
  • Pre-closure conditions of the external Bank should be met before opting for a balance transfer.


Company Name
Monthly Income
Existing Personal Loan From which Bank
No of Emi's paid
Loan Amount
Loan Amount for Balance Transfer
Existing EMI (If any)
Date of Birth