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Standard Chartered bank is a British multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in London; it was formed in the Year 1969 with the merger of two Banks The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, and Standard Bank of British South Africa.

The Standard Chartered bank has grown to become a Universal Bank with operations in consumer, corporate and institutional banking, and treasury services.

It operates a network of more than 1,200 branches and outlets (including subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures) across more than 70 countries and employs around 87,000 people. Despite being based in the United Kingdom it does not conduct retail banking in the United Kingdom.

They are the largest international bank in India with 99 branches in 42 cities. They are also the oldest international bank present in India for over 150 years.


With a strong & steady presence the Standard Chartered Bank has created a niche market.

The organisation has gained a reputation of being consistent despite changes & market upheavals.

The Bank uses its global research and deep local knowledge in India to provide a wide-range of products and services to meet the needs of individual and business customers.

Standard Chartered offers a comprehensive range of home loans, mortgages, credit facilities and overdrafts, tailor made to suit the needs of you and your family: its products & services are designed as per the needs of its customers.

The Personal Loan product of the Standard Chartered Bank has been designed to aid its Salaried & Self Employed Customers fulfil their financial requirement, conveniently without any security or collateral.

Finance achieved from a Personal Loan can be used for a variety of reasons such as family wedding, Home renovation, travel, payment of credit Card bills & refinancing an existing loan.


  • Personal loans are provided to both Salaried & Self-employed individuals.
  • Completely unsecure loans are provided without any collateral or guarantees.

  • Personal loans from Standard Chartered Bank are processed at competitive rates, with minimal documentation & a speedy, hassle free process.

  • Applicants with a steady profile with a gross Salary of 50k working with non-listed are offered a personal loan at competitive rates.

  • Persons with a Standard Chartered Bank relationship are offered special rates & elevated loan amounts.

  • Flexible tenures with Fore closure & Part payment Benefits.

  • The “Approval in principle” benefits which allows an Applicant to check his/her eligibility within 3 minutes.

Eligibility Criteria for Standard Chartered personal loan

  • Applicant must be above the age of 23 years.

  • Personal Loans are provided up to the age of 58 years

  • Applicant must Indian Citizen.

  • Applicant must be gainfully employed for more than 12 months.

  • Net Salary Drawn should be over 2500/- net monthly credited to the salary account.

  • A CIBIL history of more than 12 months is Mandatory.

Personal loan policy of Standard Chartered Bank

  • Loan amount provided from 1, 00000/- to 30, 00000/-

  • Person Loans are provided for a tenure ranging from 12 months to 60 months.

  • Fore closure of the Personal loan is allowed after 12 months.

  • The Bank allows repayment of the Personal loan through EMI (equated monthly instalments)

  • The repayment of the loan has to be done on a regular basis in order to avoid late fee charges.

  • The Rate of Interest is fixed for the entire tenure applicable, the EMI will remain constant.

  • Processing fees are not charged upfront but deducted from Loan amount.

  • The Loan will amount when sanctioned will get directly credited to the Salary account.

Personal Loan Products from Standard Chartered Bank

Fresh Personal Loan-

The Standard Chartered Bank Looks to provide Finance for personal needs to salaried & Self-employed Persons in the guise of a Personal Loan.

  • The Applicant must be eligible for the same as per Profile required by the Bank.

  • He should be eligible for the amount applied for as per the net income & CIBIL details.

Top up Personal loan-

If an Individual is previously running a Personal Loan, any further finance required can be allocated easily. This can be done by adding the additional requirement to the existing Personal loan.

The condition being

  • That the Applicant should be paying his EMI as per schedule.

  • She He is eligible for the additional loan Amount as per the policy of the Bank.

Balance Transfer of an existing Personal Loan to Standard Chartered bank.

Standard Chartered Bank offers the opportunity to take over your existing Personal loan to achieve the following Benefits;

  • A reduced Rate of Interest with a lowered EMI.
  • The Personal loan tenure can be re adjusted.
  • Applicant can fore close her/his Personal loan before completion of Tenure.
  • Any additional amount required will also be disbursed at the same reduced rate.

  • Get the opportunity to establish a relationship with “Standard Chartered Bank” & enjoy the privileges of unmatched customer services.

Rate of Interest for Balance Transfer
Loan Amount ROI
Upto 10 lacs


10.01 lacs to 15 lacs


Above 15 lacs


  • all other charges applicable as per normal grid

The Standard Chartered Bank Rate of Interest, Processing Fees & Other Applicable Charges.

Rate of Interest

  • The Rate of Interest of the Personal Loan is applicable as per the Current Rate.

  • The Rate of Interest remains constant for the entire Tenure of the Personal Loan
  • It is calculated at a monthly reducing balance, & the EMI chart for the entire tenure is fixed.
  • EMI’s are calculated on the basis of accrued interest and principal to be paid monthly at the specified date.

  • The repayment of the loans can be done through ECS, PDC’s or standing instructions on the applicant’s account.

Rate of Interest @ monthly reducing balance from 10.99% upto 22% per annum
Processing fees (charged one time) from 0.5% up to 2.25% of loan amount
Pre-payment charges * As per schedule *
Late Payment Fees Rs  495/-
Interest on Arrears 2% per month
Swap Charges. Rs 500/-
  • All charges are exclusive of taxes.
  • All Gov. taxes including GST will be applicable.
  • All rates are liable to change without prior notice.

  • Your Loan Advisors offers services completely free of charge.

Processing Fees

  • The Processing fee is a onetime charge to be paid by the Applicant.

  • It is a File charge or minimal cost born by the Bank to verify details of the Applicant & enable the decision.

  • Special Discounts are offered to High Income customers requiring large Loan amounts, Applicants with high CIBIL Score, or having a prior relationship with Standard Chartered Bank.

  • The Processing fee is deducted from the final Loan Amount transferred to the Customer’s bank account.

Fore Closure & Part payment Charges.

  • If a Customer running wishes to Close her/his Personal Loan before the tenure by Paying back the balance Loan amount ,or paying back part of the Loan amount it is termed as a Fore closure or Part Payment.

  • The terms & conditions for the same & schedule of charges are as per the Grid given below.

  • A Personal loan customer should have paid back 12 EMI”s before this facility can be availed.

Pre Closure Grid
No’s of Emi’s paid % of principal balance amount
0 to 12 5%
12 to 24 4%
25 to 36 2%
> 36 1%
Part Payment Grid
Current Outstanding Maximum no’s of EMI’s waiver Fees
0 to 5 lakhs up to 12 2%
5 to 10 lakhs up to 20 2%
10 to 15 lakhs up to 25 3%
Above 15 lakhs up to 35 3%

Documentation Required

Application Form

  • The Application Form of the Standard Chartered Bank should be filled in correctly giving all required information.

  • A self-attested photograph should be pre fixed.
  • The form should be duly signed by the customer.

Identity Proof

Documents that can be furnished as an Identity proof Include;

  • Drivers Licence, Voter ID, Passport, Pan Card.

Address Proof

  • Copy of Ration Card / Electricity or Telephone Bill / Rental Agreement / Passport/Medical insurance policy/Apartment allotment letter
  • Document should not more than 3 months old.

Age Proof

  • Documents showing the present age of the customer include.

  • Pan Card Copy, Passport Copy.

Signature Proof

  • PAN card/Driver’s license/Passport copy/Banker’s attestation Bank account statements.
  • Any one of the document can be submitted.
  • The applicant’s signature in the provided document should be clear and understandable. The applicant needs to maintain the same signature throughout the loan period.

Income Proof

  • Salary Slip for Last 3 Months or a Salary Certificate giving the salary break up.

  • Last 3 months bank Statement.

  • Form 16 for the current year for salaried employees.

For all Documents

  • Clear Copies of the documents need to be submitted.

  • All documents require self-attestation.

  • Document should be valid presently.